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FAith-filled woman, Are you & Your family & friends suffering from 


Discover how you can create amazing connections that revive you & your loved ones this holiday season!

If you want more for you, your Friends and Family this Season, this Challenge is for You!

What if you could learn to be the best gift they receive?


in these crazy times, Now more than ever we need people equipped to connect in ways that breathe life.

It's not just time together, it's the right kind of time

Join me for 3 days in the free family + Friends Christmas challenge and learn how to create connections that breathe life back into the ones you love!  

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You can be the one who makes a world of difference

This challenge gives you:

  • A community of like-minded faithful women who want to bless their friends & family this season. You will make new friends, learn from each other and have fun!
  • Top skills to create atmospheres that are both fun AND deepen connections
  • Tips to create an easy plan for your entire holiday season
  • Time for YOU! Steal away for some fun and refreshing for yourself

What we do for our families has a ripple effect, ultimately impacting the world.

When you change YOUR world, you change THE world.

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100% Money Back 30-Day Guarantee

If for any reason at all, if you aren't satisfied with our program... you have a full 30 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked.

Hi, I'm your hostess,

Jennifer Flannery

  • International Educator
  • ​Teacher, Trainer & Experience Creator
  • Social Instigator, master networker
  • ​Coffee lover, Colorado native, amateur gardener
  • ​100X Certified Coach for Kingdom Entrepreneurs
​Over decades, I’ve traveled a lot as an international educator. What I value most are the friends I made, and what I learned about HOW to make great connections. 

I love creating experiences to pass on what I learned. The good news is, you don't have to travel the world to change the world. You can make an impact right where you live with the people you love. 
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Dear Faith-Filled Woman,

As we look around our world today, it’s easy to see our family and friends are stressed and stretched right now.

        • Demanding work and school schedules.
        • Virtual, remote, and isolated - sometimes even at home.
        • Overwhelmed by the world’s messages of unbending & unfriending.

Head down, we drag onward, hoping just to get through another day.

With nothing extra to give, they withdraw from the people and connections that could revive them.

UGH. They've got the “blahs.”

They need relief!
They need re-invigorating!

They need someone like you to help them have fun, reconnect to themselves and others!

That's why I created the FREE 3-day Family + Friends Christmas Challenge.

Studies show that authentic connection with others improves our mental and physical health and can positively impact the big issues we see in our world.

It’s not just time together. It’s the RIGHT KIND OF TIME.

The good news is, atmospheres that foster life-giving connections can be created!

Over decades, I traveled a lot as an international educator. Above all, I value what I learned about HOW TO MAKE AMAZING CONNECTIONS with others. I applied these principles right here at home with my own family, friends and neighbors. I saw the difference it made in my life, and theirs.

You don't have to travel the world to change the world. You can make an impact right where you live with the people you love.

This is what I want for you.

I want you to feel re-energized and to show you how you can create amazing connections with your tribe.

Thanksgiving has passed.
Now, it's your turn.

Make a plan now to sneak away for a little time each day to have some fun and get re-invigorated. 

In just 3 days, I’m going to show you how you can make a practical, life-giving impact for yourself and the people you love this Christmas season.

If you are like me, you want to:
        • Grow closer
        • Bring family together regardless of distance
        • Be a person who lightens their load, refreshes them
        • Makes them feel seen, heard, loved, to know they belong, and that they matter

I want to be a person who creates a SEASON of great connections so that together we can reflect, relax, be creative and have fun!

Unsure about where to start?

I learned I can be THE ONE who makes a difference. And so can you!
        • Learn from my experience.
        • Borrow my confidence.
        • Take my ideas and make them your own.

YOU can be the best gift they get as you create an entire SEASON of connections for your loved ones!

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Jennifer Flannery

Special Challenge Bonuses: When you register today for the free Family Connections Christmas Challenge, you will get immediate access to this bonus /these bonuses

Bonus #1
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What's included?
A private community only for members of the challenge! The entire challenge - the live training, handouts, conversations, content, support community and any related resources - will be housed inside of this private Facebook group. Once you sign up, you will be given the link to join the private Facebook group.

What's the schedule?
The challenge will start Dec 1 and run 3 consecutive days. Each day there will be 30-60 minutes of training in a private group just for those in the challenge. There will also be other time scheduled for questions and to talk about the material so you can get the most out of the experience. All sessions will be recorded and you can watch the replays at your convenience until the challenge ends.

What can I expect?
Fun, community, new information and to make progress! These 3 days are to help you take action and make progress, to get some intensive focus and a jump start to the holiday season. There will be training, discussion and “homework”, more like activities you will do on your own time. It is not turned in or graded like school, just extra tools to help you apply the information to your own life. You’ll meet others in the group, which means fun, new friendships, and learning from each other! It’s all designed to help you take action!


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